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Part# K-2777
Size 14" high x 18" dia. Black Base with 5' PVC Post

Cone-Shaped Base with Round 2-3/8" Post Hole - 18' D X 14' H - 5' PVC Post Included 

Recycled Rubber Sign Base Kit with PVC 5' Post - Black
Made in the USA - 100% Recycled Rubber
Kit is ideal for parking lots, garages, schools, plazas, special events, and much more, wherever you need a sign to stay put, but aren't able to permanently mount it into the ground.

• Just over 70 pounds, and still easy to install and portable - just tip and roll.

• Works for signs up to 24" in diameter. Made of all-weather 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber.

• Cone shape adds stability and distributes the weight load evenly to prevent tipping.

• Comes with a 5' tall PVC post and cap for sign mounting. Please give us a call if you’d like us to drill holes on the post to match the dimensions of your sign.

Quantity :    Rubber Base
Package : 1 Rubber Base • Price per Rubber Base
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Rubber Base
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Sign Base Mover
Sign Base Mover With Closet Hanger Hole - 6' Hard Rubber Wheels
Size  :   18" x 13" x 6"
Part#  :   K-7371
Package  :   1 Sign Base Mover
(per Sign Base Mover)

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Min. Order:
1  Sign Base Mover

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Recycled Rubber Sign Base
Sign Post Base Weight
Size  :   23" Wide x 6" Tall
Part#  :   K-9675
Package  :   1 Rubber Base
(per Rubber Base)

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  Rubber Base
Min. Order:
1  Rubber Base
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